Cosmic Laws

Soudabeh Moghadasi Bayat 




A   majority of people spend many years of their lives finding a way to happiness and wealth or great relationships but never achieve their goals. After many years of trying, they have believed that either they have no chance or luck, they have been cursed, they must have money, or God does not want them to achieve their goals. I am here to tell you that all these beliefs are wrong. If I could, then all of you would, and no matter where you live on this planet or what your family or religion is, you would achieve all your dreams. Believe that God wants you can achieve all your goals more than what you want. If you are dissatisfied with your current life, you must change your beliefs and attitudes. Let me fill your mind with the right beliefs. By reading this book, you will experience a good feeling and will realize how easy it is to achieve your goals. Achieving wealth and happiness is as easy as breathing. If you have a wish in your heart, believe that God has given you the power to achieve it.

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This book was translated to 4 languages and distributed around the world

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Cosmic Laws


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