The Garden of Magic and Witchcraft


What you're looking for is not out there, it's in you

By Shaya Motamedi

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It's been a year since Maya survived a deadly tragedy when her family was murdered right in front of her. Although barely having the courage to get up in the morning, her excitement is soon sparked again when she finds a door connecting to a secret garden. And she wanders in... soon she finds that she and the rest of some kind of population are targets in an elaborate plan to kill. She's broken but she can save them. Can't she?

It has been a year since 14-year-old Maya Ortega's life came crashing down. Broken into a million pieces after her mom and two siblings were killed on their short-lasting road trip and still yet adjusting to her new life with her uncle, Maya finds a secret garden in one of her uncle's rooms in which our typical adventure story unfolds.

But is it really that typical?

"We laughed and my stomach cramped up. Laughing felt so odd now. I felt like even if I were dreaming, I would never feel this much happiness again, from the moment the murder happened-

I started coughing, but no one came to help me. And suddenly, the idea of their death truly hit me. They were really gone, and I was really truly alone."

Author of this book

Shaya Motamedi


Shaya Motamedi is an Iranian-Canadian grade 8 student, who has had a love for writing since she was in the third grade.

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A compelling and dramatic adventure that will keep readers hooked until the very end!

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