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Darya Mohammadi was born on 1998.She is a young author, musician, lyricist, narrator, and piano instructor. She holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Beheshti University. In the fall of 2021, the book addressed "To My Favorite Artist" was published in Iran for the first time, and in the summer of 2022, the second edition was published. Now in 2023, this book is published internationally in English & Farsi Edition.

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A few words with the audience:

Years ago, when I was a twelve-year-old, the idea of writing a novel called “In Search of My Lost Angel” came to me, but after a few weeks, I regretted continuing to write; Because I felt it was too early to write a good and effective book, which of course I was quite right.

Six years later, at the age of eighteen, I wanted to turn my writing exercises into a book, which included love letters to an imaginary lover, but that year I was mentally disturbed and had to give up everything because of my big entrance exam and focus on my studies; So, I still could not put my ideas into action.

I said this until I reached the spring of last year when most classrooms and centers were closed due to the covid 19 pandemic and home quarantines had begun. In those days, I was terrified of the news of death and illness. I was deeply homesick; I miss my relatives and friends, walking to college, after-class cafes, concerts with my favorite singers, watching new movies, no anxious hugs, and maskless meetings. I felt like I was in complete darkness. It is as if I have lost the meaning of my life. But one day as I was browsing my friend’s posts in cyberspace, I came across the page of a spiritual guide. The first words I heard from dear professor “Faraz Ghorchian” were these sentences:

“Whatever happened in your life, ask yourself, how bad is this going to help me grow? What lesson does it want to teach me?! Believe me, all your wounds make sense. Just start walking in the dark.”

His words were a flip to guide me back to the flow of life. From that day on, I made a new plan for my new lifestyle. I started reading books that I always liked to read. I learned a lot from great writers like Irvin David Yalom11, Wayne Walter Dyer2, Mark Manson3, Viktor Frankl4, Helen Fisher5 and Susan Anderson6, and I felt love clearly in their books.

I took classes online with good teachers and continued my music practice, taking my lessons more seriously and passing my classes with high grades. The idea of writing a book once again came to my mind, but this time more mature than before. In addition to music and poetry, I was very interested in psychology, so I decided to write a book in both literature and psychology.

At first, I was very scared and struggled with my perfectionism. I thought to myself that I would not be able to write until I had read those hundred volumes or ten more learning periods.

Once again, dear Master Ghorchian, whom I am always grateful for, encouraged me with his professionalism. I learned from their pragmatism to stop procrastination and not to expect perfect work, but to work on my goal continuously every day. It was I who dared to face my fear and try to write with all my heart and soul.