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Galaxies in Mars

      Galaxies in Mars is a mysterious and exiting story for those kids who are keen on space!



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Zohreh Golkari, akaVénus, is a trilingual (Persian, English and French) teacher who has been teaching English for about 15 years. She has started to work when she was a student in different language institutes as an English teacher. After obtaining her Master degree in English translation, she taught general English and translation courses at colleges and universities until immigrating to Canada.

Now she lives in Canada and continues her teaching profession. Moreover, she is working as a content writer with a Turkish company to provide English content for various websites.

Besides working she is really eager to do yoga and meditation regularly to refresh the mind, since she has a very elegant mind. When she was in her own country, Iran, she was in a music band and played an Iranian musical instrument, Daf (a kind of percussion), and narrated the Iranian poems in the band for more than 10 years.

It was her forever dream to write. Although she translated several short stories, they never been published officially. This book is her first official published book, but not the last one.

It is an extremely interesting and exciting fiction story for the children mostly between 9 to 11. She has decided to continue this story as a series. The next episode will be published as soon as possible after the current one. At the end of the book, there are some comprehension questions to improve the readers' knowledge of vocabulary and reading comprehension.

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