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We should appreciate what we have and use it

before it goes to waste. So, We can be happy and

spread that happiness as far as we can.



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Nazila Roudini studied software engineering. Her specialization is in programming and web design. Besides, She is interested in yoga, and She is also a yoga instructor. A few years ago, when She was a teacher, She used to teach programming language and coding., However, She always wanted to write a storybook, like this story. When she was a kid, her grandmother used to tell her many stories. One day, when her grandmother was still alive, She decided to ask her to tell her the story again so that She could publish them. Grandma liked her idea and was eager to see the book. Unfortunately, Grandma passed away four years ago. The book you are holding is one of Nazila favorite stories from my childhood.

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Where Do the Pears Go?


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