Mitra Kiaee

: Author of 

Persian Warriors

  "Iran, the cradle of history and culture, is not only the source of many human civilizations' progress and achievements but also a valuable and precious treasure. If used wisely, it can be a strong foundation for the bright future of this land.



About the Author

Mitra Kiaee, writer and researcher of classical Iranian literature; teacher of ancient literature for the adult age group; one the best storytellers of Iranian literature with a score of one hundred; a member of the elite women's club; with more than twenty years of experience teaching ancient literature. Cooperating with Soroush Magazine and publishing countless stories.Author of Mantegh Altheir and Bostan Saadi in simple language; The story writing training book for teenagers and adults; Khyalbaf and Maymoon in three languages; It has been published in Farsi, English and French.​

Books Published: 

Persian Warriors