I was born in a low-income family in Abadan, 1962.

My childhood and youth passed smoothly; I was absorbed in playing with friends, little discoveries, and theater. Participating in theater classes opened a new door to me. My first writing was a play in the performance of which I myself acted. Little by little I got interested in writing stories and poems. I felt I could speak out this way.

But the outburst of the war between Iran and Iraq changed everything all of a sudden. I witnessed war’s destroying strokes for one whole month. I lost many friends, too. My family and I had to leave our hometown. The eight-year war changed my life entirely.

From 18 years of age to 24 I did different jobs to help my father keeping the family up. Here is a list of them: photography, repairing bicycles, laboring in a textile factory, construction electric work, forging, masonry, street vending and working in a confectionary.

Meanwhile I wrote stories and poems. But it was not possible to get books published because of the war.

Getting married made my life stable. And my life found a distinct direction when I decided to write the stories I made up for my little son for all children.

Since then, I have been writing stories and poems for children and young adults (80 books.) I have also been continuously active in different domains regarding children and young adults’ literature.

I have received 30 national awards for my works and have been selected as a candidate for the 2017 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

I am lucky to constantly meet with children and young people in book criticism sessions at schools and libraries all around Iran. And am also very happy to work with Iran’s most widely circulated newspaper for young adults. I am one of the founders of the ‘Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Youth.’