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Grandfathers Who eat Junk

From Clever Stories 

امتیاز مشتریان


Hello, my name is Banafshe Herban. I'm from Iran. I'm 37 years old. I'm an English teacher and a translator. I was born in 1987/10/8
I have T.T.C degree from I.D.P London.
I have chosen the "Grandfathers who eat junk" story book ( by: Farhad Hasan zade) it is special for kids. It is an educational book for kids, so I decided to translate this great book for kids.
This is a little and thin book. It's about 2 kids and 2 grandfathers. They are in the park, grandfathers are taking care their grandchildren, and they are playing, grandfathers are talking with together and eating something.........

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